Welcome to the resource page for my presentation “Best Tech in 2020”!
This year has been a doozy for people in the tech field and it’s been great being able to help so many people adjust.
Below, you’ll find a list of the links and any special deals I could arrange for you.
Here’s the presentation in PDF: Best Tech Tools for 2020
If you’d like to chat about how you use tech and want to use it, feel free to use my online scheduling tool to set-up a meeting. The address is https://calendly.com/billdotson. You’ll be able to see my free/busy time and book an appointment. It’ll send both of us an invite. No charge to you for our chat.

  1. How to set up your family account in Google and Apple.
  2. NordVPN — $3.71/mo to encrypt your communication — don’t use the coffee shop wifi without it!
  3. Truebill — find those subscriptions you forgot about
  4. Save money when shopping online with Honey.
  5. Decided to start a video training program? Visit Adrian to learn about ecammlive — a Mac program for online videos.
  6. Want to record and transcribe your audio — like instructions for customers? https://otter.ai/
  7. Our Best Tech list of hardware and our WFH kits: https://kit.co/rocker
  8. ConvertKit — the next gen email marketing, funnel, and landing page tool.
  9. https://replika.ai/ — the strange and maybe wonderful virtual friend

Send any questions or comments to bill@rocker.io and I’ll do my best to help you! My company protects thousands of mailboxes, files, and helps people manage tech expenses.
Have a great year!
PS: I moderate a webinar with our local Chamber of Commerce. On 10/22/20, we invited other tech people to talk about cybersecurity and uploaded it to YouTube. You may find it of interest to learn top security tips for 2020, working from home, trends, and what to spend on security.